Privacy Policy

1.Fxtrendsignals Services including Market Trends, Charts, Trading Ideas, Algo Trends and Back Testing Charts provided through website, fxtrendsignals applications, platforms or through web widgets (“Services”) are owned by Adworld Ltd. Şti. a company incorporated under the laws of the Turkey Republic (“Adworld Ltd. Şti.).

2.Adworld Ltd. Şti. will collect only “must have for proper functioning” information. We are NOT processing data or transferring any of your personal details to any 3rd party although some of 3rd parties (like Google Play payments or “Our Partners” section), can ask for your details. It is clearly stated, that providing your details to 3rd parties is on your solely responsibility and desire, Adworld Ltd. Şti. has no control of 3rd parties.

3.In “Our Partners” section – you might be asked to provide your phone number through domain screen; still, in such case, our website is only an intermediary between you and 3rd party and we won’t keep your phone number in our system.

4.Adworld Ltd. Şti. might collect the following details:
a. Android ID (for Android mobile devices)/Advertising Identifier (for iOS mobile devices), your IP and browser/OS type and version – in order to identify users that don’t register by email address and to prevent malicious span.

b. Push token – in order to send you updates or news. Also, our service (like Market Trends and Algo Trends) is using push notifications when alerting you about market events/rates, that you choose/set on our platform. Please note, that you can block all push notifications coming from Adworld Ltd. Şti. by forbidding access to push data in device span.

c. Your email – in case you wish to register for our Algo Trends tool – you’ll be asked to provide and verify your email address, in order we could provide you Algo Trends services without tech. problems/interruptions. You can delete your account including your email by choosing this option in “My account” screen in Algo Trends. After deleting it – we’ll keep it in our system for 4 more weeks, before deleting permanently. If you wish to delete it immediately – please send us mail to [email protected], and we’ll take care of your request as soon as possible. Please note, that if some virtual goods/benefits were purchased earlier – deleting your account will prevent from us providing these goods/benefits to you span.

5.Besides collecting mentioned data, we might use local storage in both desktop and mobile devices to keep your last settings for your own convenience. This might include stuff like: order of your assets in Market Trends, chart settings, like: type, timeframe and multiscreen setup on chart, etc. These details will be saved as long as you use our services, you can delete them any time by cleaning local storage on your browser/mobile device.

6.You must note, that Adworld Ltd. Şti. Products might have links to 3rd party websites/services. By choosing to click on any link, that leads you away from Adworld Ltd. Şti. Products – you providing your agreement of removing responsibility from Adworld Ltd. Şti..

7.Please do not use Adworld Ltd. Şti. Services if you are not approved with this Privacy Policy. Adworld Ltd. Şti. reserve the right to restrict the Services provided to you or cancel your account if you “opt out” from any of its Services or any commercial distribution channels. You may opt out of the Services and delete your account and account details at any time; You may deny “Push” notification at any time.

8.Adworld Ltd. Şti. will use reasonable degree of care to protect the Collected Data (SSL or higher) from unauthorized access.

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