FxTrendSignal User Guide (V.1)

1. Trend Alerts

Shows the data in the selected time zone. When a selection is made, the data screen changes momentarily to show the data for the selected time period.

Vertical full-range indicator shows signal strength.

Indicates the direction of the signal produced by the indicators.

It is the section that allows you to adjust the signal strength level according to the indicators according to time periods. Your settings will remain saved until you clear your cookies.

Shows the candlestick chart drawing based on the selected asset and time zone. The display shows the new data according to the indicators within 3 seconds according to the price you marked.

Shows the current active pivot levels based on the selected asset and time frame. Calculated maximal range : S3-R3

Enables you to create your own custom sort by holding down the icon and moving up / down.

Global symbols for assets.

Indicates the main direction of the asset.

Shows the live instant price and daily change rate of the asset.

It allows you to plan trend alarm and custom price alarm for asset signals.

2. Economic Calendar

Lets you select the date you want to display.

Allows you to update the data.

It is the section where you can set the filtering of the bulletins you want to see by economic calendar according to importance level and country. You can change the settings at any time.

Specifies the time to release the bulletin.

Indicates the importance of the bulletin in 3 levels. Star system is used. 1 - less, 2 - medium 3 - many

Allows you to set an alarm so that you can be notified before your announcement of the budget you want. You can make alarm planning by selecting one of the options 1 - 5 - 15 - 30 min before.

Specifies the country in which the newsletter belongs.

Specifies a brief description of the content of the newsletter.

If the bulletin is data-driven and has data, it is the area where you can see the described - previous - expected data.

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